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Within the pages of this website you will find a diverse range of programmes, activities and services which comprise the comprehensive work that Bournemouth YMCA undertakes.  From the Association's establishment to the present day, we have sought to serve the needs of the local community and this service is reflected in what you will find here.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing the site and look forward to welcoming you to one of our centres.


YMCA Youth Matters Awards

Voting leaflet

You may not be aware of the exciting news but The Chatterbox project has been shortlisted for the YMCA of the year award and one of our amazing helpers Robert Aveyard has been shortlisted for Young Worker of the Year within the National YMCA youth matters awards.

We are very proud, but now we have to get as many votes as possible before midnight on Wednesday 8 October to get through to the finals so please help us by following the link below and voting.

It will only take a few minutes and all you need is your name and an email address.

For Robert Aveyard (Young Worker of the Year) please follow this link: http://www.ymca.org.uk/events/youth-matters-awards/categories/young-worker-of-the-year-award


For The Chatterbox Project (YMCA of the Year) please followthis link: http://www.ymca.org.uk/events/youth-matters-awards/categories/ymca-of-the-year-award


Thank you so much and please encourage others to vote!


Meyrick Park Family Festival.

This year's Family Festival was renamed the Children's Festival in honor of the Town's Children. It began with a march from the Pier to Meyrick Park lead by a band, and horses and coach.

Below is a selection of photos from the day.


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A great reason to celebrate ... HAPPY 170TH BIRTHDAY YMCA!